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Scanned 2D and 3D data is uploaded to the cloud

Finished models are viewable through a cloud- based viewer and best if viewed using Google Chrome


File format is OBJ - compatible with CAD, Unity and most 3D modeling programs

Simply embed weblinks for viewing on your website or email blasts to clients and potential customers

What will be photographed?

The 3D scan is for interior spaces.  The scanner uses infrared to create a 3D mesh, and sunlight and heavy winds interfere with its capture.  Depending on exterior conditions, Exterior Step-Outs are included to give viewers a more interactive and informative 3D Tour.  360 Views of the front and back yards are also included

Small closets and garages are generally not photographed.  Large walk-in closets are included, based on agent/owner preference.  Two separate buildings must be photographed as two separate models, and are priced accordingly.  Examples are detached living quarters, workshop, cottage, etc.


How long will it take?

3D photography generally takes longer than still photography.  For homes, plan on 45 minutes per 1,500 square feet, plus 15 minutes for set-up and planning.  A 3,000 square foot home will take approximately 2 hours to complete.

In commercial/office environments the photography time is dependent on type of space and level of detail required.  As an example, an art gallery would take longer than an open space the same size.

Does the real estate agent need to be present?

This is totally up to the agent.  Due to the nature of the photography, people and pets cannot be in the vicinity of the camera.   We work alone (lockbox), or with the agent, or home owner present. A confirmation text will be sent to the agent when the scan is complete if working alone.


What if workers are on site?

Because the scanner rotates 360 degrees with each scan point, people/animals cannot be in view of the camera during the session.  The camera does record the exterior through windows, so if people are present, and/or workers are on site outdoors, Capture It 3D, LLC cannot guarantee they will not be viewable in some camera angles.


Home/Site Preparation:

Make sure the home/space is in a ‘staged’ condition with no clutter, is vacuumed and dusted with all light bulbs working.  We recommend removing personal items from bathrooms, showers, sinks and laundry areas.  Also remove toilet bowl brushes, pet dishes, etc.  Tidy up desk areas, align rugs, etc.


How does lighting impact the 3D Tour?

The Matterport PRO2 3D Scanner collects HDR (high dynamic range) data and automatically balances the bright and dim areas of the property. There is no ‘photo-shop’ or adjustment capability.  It operates very well in low light conditions so additional lighting sources are generally not required.  DayBright bulbs are recommended.


How long does it take to get my finished model?

The links to your 3D Showcase will be emailed to you within 48 hours.  Usually turnaround time is within 24 hours, however some models can take longer to process and review prior to sending the links.


What do I get?

You receive the Showcase, Dollhouse and Floor Plan views plus Branded and MLS Ready 3D Showcase links that can be emailed to clients, potential clients and email lists, Embed links that can be embedded into websites.  Unlike competitors, Capture It 3D, LLC residential scans also include 360 Views, Highlight Reel, Closet Peeks, Luxury Shower Snaps, and Exterior Step-Outs.

Is there a limitation on how many times I can email the Showcase link or use the embed the link?

You have unlimited access.

Where does the file get stored?

The Matterport 3D Showcase is cloud based and resides on Matterport servers.  Due to the enormous amount of data it isn't possible to host the model locally.

How long will my model be hosted?

Capture It 3D hosts models for a period of one year.  For additional years of hosting, there is an annual renewal fee.

Can exterior  locations be photographed or included in the tour? 

The scanner is designed to be used only for interior spaces.  However with the right conditions exterior positions (Step-Outs) are included in the 3D Tour.  There are two 360 Views included with all residential scans - front and backyards.


Can I get printed floor plans?

Yes! Floor plans can be ordered as 2D Black & White, 2D Colorized, or 3D.  These are available within 48 hours of the processing of the model.  Floor plans can be ordered anytime, but it is best if placed at the time of the photography order


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