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Capture It 3D Featured for 3D photography of SF Homeless Shelters

After creating 3D Tours of Super Bowl City for the Super Bowl Committese and Matterport in the morning (a paid gig), I went to the Mission District, along with Sibyl Chen at Matterport, and we talked with some of the homeless population. They allowed me to create 3D Tours of their 'neighborhoods' (my words - not theirs).

One of them, Victor, spoke of how he had messed up on drugs and has been clean for over 9 months but can't find work. His girlfriend hasn't used drugs and can't find work. He made a point to explain how important it is to him that the area around his 'home' is clean, neat and tidy. He invited us into his tent and pointed out how to place a tarp on the floor of your tent so the rain doesn't soak the inside. He pointed out that insulation could be placed only a certain height or moisture would build up inside. But that meant the cold still came through. He had to leave though, to help a different homeless person go over to a service provider to find out how to get food.

This picture shows how it's also families with children are part of the homeless population.

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