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Announcing Showcase 2.0 and Schematic Floor Plans

Inman Connect is always a big event for us, and ICSF 2015 is no different. This week, we’re celebrating the arrival of the nation’s top agents and brokers to the Bay Area by announcing a suite of upcoming features, including Showcase 2.0 and the imminent start of our Schematic Floor Plan beta program.

Showcase 2.0 is a major upgrade in marketing capability, specially designed with our real estate customers in mind. With Showcase 2.0, Matterport will significantly increase your brand and property promotion abilities and encourage even more engagement with buyers. For those who are at ICSF this week, we welcome you to swing by our booth and take it for a test drive. For everyone else, keep an eye out for the official rollout, coming this Fall.

Promote yourself and your properties

Get credit for your creations

We know your brand is important to you. You craft your Matterport Showcases meticulously, and viewers should know your work wherever your listing is viewed. That’s why we’re adding customer brand name identification on the loading screen and as a persistent field in 3D Showcase, so you always get credit for your great work.

Add the info your viewers need

We’re also introducing the About Pane, a new panel in the top left-hand corner of every Showcase, which includes your brand name, model name, a brief description of the listing, and a link to your model’s Google Maps location. With the About Pane, you will be able to provide context to your Matterport Spaces, enhancing the appearance and functionality of your 3D Showcase, and giving you another opportunity to promote your brand or property.

Share, then share some more

Modern media must be shared! With Showcase 2.0, we’ve added native social sharing so your viewers can share a space directly from within the Showcase Options Menu.

What’s even better is that we worked directly with Facebook to allow anyone to embed a 3D Showcase right in their news feed, meaning that users can actually navigate Showcase from within Facebook. This makes Matterport 3D Showcase one of the few media formats that can be fully experienced without ever leaving Facebook.

You’ll get more eyes on your models, and more offers for your listings.

Curation that engages audiences

The guided tour, redefined

Matterport is already the most interactive way to experience complete spaces online. But we also know that many of our customers want to be able to highlight the features of a property and curate the walkthrough experience.

That’s why we’re developing an exciting feature called Highlights, which adds a new way viewers can explore your Showcase. Highlights are the views you want to show off most in your Matterport model. By clicking on a Highlight, your viewer will be guided directly to that part of the model. These Highlights can be strung together to create a Highlight Reel, which becomes a curated tour of the property.

This adds a totally new dimension to the Showcase experience that you have to see to believe. Of course, the interactive features that you already know and love – like Dollhouse and Inside views – will remain in place.

Mattertags™: Because details matter

This final new feature in Showcase 2.0 really highlights the power of Matterport’s real-world 3D reconstruction. Because we collect complete 2D and 3D information about a space, we can label any object in three-dimensional space. We call these spatial markers Mattertags.

Because Mattertags will be attached to objects in the 3D mesh, these object will appear labelled from any vantage point. And with each Mattertag, you can also include a photo and description to highlight a special feature or particular upgrade.

Schematic Floor Plan (Beta)

Today, we’re also announcing our Schematic Floor Plan beta program. While our current Floor Plan view is a great way to get a sense of a floor’s layout in 2D, we know our customers also use traditional floor plan drawings for a variety of uses in both their online and print-based property marketing.

That’s why we’re so excited about Schematic Floor Plans, launching August 15. Schematic floor plans adds a valuable capability to the Matterport platform, giving our customers the ability to order black-and-white floor plan drawings, starting at just $49 per model.

You can enroll in our Schematic Floor Plan beta here to be one of the first to enjoy the benefits of this exciting new capability.

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