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Capture It 3D Featured for 3D photography of SF Homeless Shelters

February 24, 2016

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Capture It 3D at UPLOAD Virtual Reality World Tour Kick-off

January 24, 2015

I may not understand the language (as in HTML5 & WEBGL code) but I totally get what it’s saying.  According to some experts Virtual Reality (VR) likely is going to be so big that it could become the next communications platform.  Like as big as the invention of the radio, television, and computers.  That big.  


Randall Park Mall in, Ohio, was the world’s largest and most innovative mall when it was built in 1976 – less than forty years ago.  It is now being demolished.      


The only thing in common between a forty year-old mall and Virtual Reality is change.


The impact of major breakthroughs in today’s revolution of technology is counted in months, not years.  At the WEB-VR & HTML5 joint meeting prior to the UPLOAD event, leaders in the field of web based Virtual Reality believe it may be just 18 months before it explodes.  If you haven’t yet had a chance to try Samsung Gear VR, or the Google ‘Cardboard Box’ then I highly recommend it.  It’s difficult to have a good understanding the power of the intuitive, and immersive qualities VR possesses- especially for marketing purposes.


The core language of the Internet, HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), was created in 1991 and for the first time allowed images to be displayed on a web page.  After a tremendous amount (and years) of testing, in late October (2014) the 5th major revision of HTML (HTML5) was announced as the new standard for the web.  It’s within this ‘new’ language that allows VR to grow and flourish.


At the UPLOAD event held at the Metreon in San Francisco, there were over 60 Virtual Reality experiences and little room to maneuver due to more than 1,500 attendees.  The Samsung Gear VR was there (first introduced just a week earlier at the CES Show in Las Vegas).  It’s literally a mobile device and uses your cell phone for the viewing screen. 


There was a cool ring that transforms your movements into commands (NOD).  I also liked the VR version of an entire day of trading for Apple, and the opportunity to perform a surgery (my patient would have likely suffered and died).  Actually I liked all of them!   


Matterport was also participating.  For me the best moment of the evening was Matterport being pointed out as a company that has a successful, practical application for VR already.


Just last week Matt Bell, co-founder of Matterport announced they are currently developing VR Showcase.  It’s an app that will let the user view Matterport models in VR.  He believes the capability of sharing Matterport scans from around the world will create a ‘You Tube’ for Virtual Reality.  Exciting times!




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